Edge Academy Education


One of the mantras at Salon Amaryllis is “Always Growing.” Salon owner Amy Koepke loves to stay on top of the latest styles and techniques and finds continuing education the key to being a top notch stylist. As a Master Stylist, she knows that education is important to growing the rest of the team and helping them become masters of their craft.

Recently the Salon Amaryllis team had the opportunity to go on several cross country trips to learn from some of the nation’s top stylists.

In April, Amy Kopeke had the opportunity to go to the Edge Academy in San Diego for a two-day cutting course focusing on Anthony Edge’s latest NEU collection, a series of 12 different contemporary, gender neutral cuts that are refreshing and avant garde. Anthony got his start as a stylist when he was just 15 in his hometown in Northern England and was able to share his expertise and his philosophy with the team.


The next trip to the Edge Academy in San Diego was designed to provide two days of intensive training to Madison and Faith to build upon the skills they learned in school and immerse them into the science and philosophy of classic cuts. Amy’s desire was for the team to truly learn not only how to execute classic shapes, but to tailor individual cuts to accentuate each clients unique features and lifestyles.. It was important for her team to focus on the basics so they could move forward and allow their creativity to develop.

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Some of the classic shapes Anthony worked on in this special training were the one length, the forward grad, the box bob, the graduated bob, and the pixie. These are all classic styles that when modified and creatively adapted for each client can create breathtaking looks.

Madison was excited to strengthen the foundation of her skills. “Consistency is key. If you don’t know the basics, you’re just not going to get accuracy which is essential to providing a quality cut.”

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Faith really loved the philosophy of the course. “I loved learning about the ‘why’ of certain cuts. Not just doing a certain technique to do it, but why we are incorporating that into the overall look for our client.”

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Amy and the Salon Amaryllis team look forward to advancing their knowledge through sessions with the Edge Academy and other top-notch educators . In addition to VIP training sessions, they are also avid learners online, devouring courses from some of the world’s top stylists. Always growing in creativity and knowledge is essential to the Salon Amaryllis way of discovering beauty.

Deanna Walz